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[S1E11] Red John's Friends

Television shows give you a break from the reality of your day, helping us all to unwind, create some 'me time', share laughs with friends or entertain the entire family. Some of our favourite shows have us hooked for hours upon hours in a binge-watching marathon. With streaming platforms so widely accessible, we might prefer the comfort of our homes rather than the big screen.

[S1E11] Red John's Friends

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The Mentalist was in its fifth season. It was presented to him by Bruno Heller (the show's executive producer) and Naomi Watts on Valentine's Day. He made sure to thank his co-star Robin Tunney, saying she made going to work every day a "joy." And even teared up (opens in new tab) thanking his friends for inspiring him with their work and his wife for her support.

In an interview with ET (opens in new tab), Josie Loren revealed that the CBI almost had another office romance on their hands. "Wylie and Vega were drifting toward something more a little bit more than friendship," she said. "And I think if Vega and Wylie had a whole season, I think it would have been very clear that Wylie was perfect for Vega." 041b061a72


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