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[S4E3] Meet The New Boss __EXCLUSIVE__

Davia clears out her classroom when Jordan arrives, telling her that everyone on the ethics committee is sad to see her go. She calls her a champion who won't be forgotten. She remembers watches the students play, the meetings with Gael, Andre getting his voice, and meeting Matt for the first time. Davia collects her box and leaves the classroom.

[S4E3] Meet the New Boss

Joaquin (with the help of Mariana) is still trying to figure out what is going on with his sister. When they meet at the diner, she seems nervous. She also keeps looking over at a man sitting in the restaurant. She later gets in the car with the man.

Harvey meets Travis Tanner and tells him that the document would never have held up in court anyway, because he forged it. Tanner says that he wanted a pound of flesh from CM and from Harvey. Louis is sitting in the conference room listening to the recording of Harvey and Mike's conversation of him. He is visibly upset. Daniel Pierce asks him if he has anything he wants to say. Harvey tells Jessica that they're still coming after him for fraud. Daniel storms in and demands to know when they were going to tell him that his firm was being sued. Donna finds the document that Harvey is being sued for fraud over, and it has her signature on it confirming that she received it.

Ronon Dex reunites with his long-thought dead Satedan friends, who want help in breaking into a Wraith laboratory. However, a torn Ronon is soon pushed by his friends to abandon the Atlantis expedition and join them, but there is something more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Colonel Samantha Carter is appointed the new leader of the Atlantis expedition.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay approaches Dr. Radek Zelenka concerning their new leader the International Oversight Advisory will appoint, despite no announcements yet. He tells Zelenka that the leader is their foremost expert in Ancient technology and Replicator activity, which McKay assumes means him being the new leader. He then meets up with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, who is talking about the situation of the Asuran-Tau'ri-Wraith war to Colonel Samantha Carter, who is in Stargate Command. When McKay talks to Carter, he soon realizes that it is her, not McKay who is going to be the new leader of Atlantis.

Both teams meet on the planet and Sheppard is made aware of a proposed strike of a Wraith weapons research facility. The only thing the Satedans need is a Puddle Jumper to insert them into the facility undetected and extract them. However, Sheppard declines, since the Wraith are being attacked, but soon changes his mind when they are told that the Wraith are working on a way to de-activate the Wraith attack code. When they plan to leave, Ronon tells Sheppard that he has made his choice; he is going to leave Atlantis. Upon hearing the news, Carter comes into Ronon's quarters, where he is packing. She attempts to convince him to stay, but Ronon still stays with his choice. This forces Carter to stop, and even arrest Ronon, if he does leave after the operation.

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, and Ronon accompany the Satedans to the facility. After taking out some of the Wraith and making its way to one of the levels, Sheppard's team and the Satedans split up, with Ronon staying with the Satedans, and wishing them luck. However, they are soon ambushed by Wraith. Ronon hears the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon fire from a distance and runs towards Sheppard's team, despite the Satedans' attempt to stop him. Ronon runs and shoots several Wraith. Sheppard's team attempts to break into a room. However, Teyla and Sheppard gets stunned, but McKay was able to hide in an empty cocoon. He then meets the Satedans, and is grateful to see him. However, Rakai raises his stunner and shoots him with it. So it is revealed that the Satedans are actually working for the Wraith. The Wraith Commander brings Sheppard's team to a holding cell. When they regain consciousness, McKay tells the rest that the Satedans are actually working for the Wraith. The Commander makes another appearance and takes McKay away.

After knocking out Ara and Rakai, he goes for Tyre, who is better at fighting. After a while, Rakai gets back up on his feet and takes out a knife. When Ara tells him not to use weapons, a startled Rakai slits her throat, and she dies. Ronon directs his attention to Rakai, manages to break his arm and takes his knife before driving it into Rakai's chest, killing him. Ronon, visibly upset turns his back on Tyre, saying "Has there been enough killing?". Tyre then decides to walk away. After the fight, Ronon meets up with Carter and the others and Carter questions where his friends are. Looking at Sheppard, Teyla and McKay, Ronon declares that they are "right here" and returns to Atlantis.

Having finished the company meeting, Tommy raises the issue of Luca Changretta and their proposed solution. Tommy passes around two photographs of Changretta, proposing that they circulate the photos to Peaky-controlled pubs and street corners, offering a reward to anyone with information. He also suggests that they pass the photographs onto Aberama Gold, who has been helping them with protection. Without Arthur's opinion, they vote in favour of passing the photographs on.

Luca meets with two of his men, revealing that the two men he sent after Arthur did not return, therefore are more than likely dead while Arthur still lives. He expresses his sadness at their death, given the two both had families, asking the two men before him to wire their families and announce their passing. Luca becomes more angry, however, at the fact that they cannot defeat the Shelby family due to their large influence in Birmingham. One of the men, however, reveals that the Shelby family have many enemies, including the mother of a man Arthur killed in a boxing match four years prior.

When Tommy goes looking for Arthur at the Shelby office, he asks why Arthur missed the meeting, remarking that he feared Arthur had been killed by Changretta. Arthur reveals that he has killed two of Changretta's men, but is angry that the company voted without him in favour of involving Aberama. He is angry that Tommy replaced him in the company while he was recovering from drug abuse. Having realized that Linda visited him earlier in his office to distract him from the meeting, he confronts her at home, pleading that she let him be the one to kill Luca and fulfil tradition. He also warns her that she, as his wife, has a place at his side and should stop making plans with Polly behind his back.

Tommy meets with the manager of the factory, questioning why he left the back door of the factory open. The man denies leaving the back door open, however Tommy begins to threaten his family, revealing that he is aware he bought tickets for a train to Glasgow. However, the man admits that he leaves the keys hanging in his office and, in a hurry, left his office unlocked therefore anybody could have taken them. The man admits that the Shelby family has many enemies and one could perhaps be an informant in the factory.

According to the writer, Clare Mulley, Andrew was tall and well built with dark blonde hair, intense blue eyes, and utterly charming and fearless, while enjoying a life at its fullest. Upon meeting, these two must have recognized their own similarities of characters, and a spark was lit that would endure all their lives.

She was then parachuted down to the Velika Plateau in the Alps where she met her new boss, Francisca Myers. Now, I want to stop you a minute and tell you this it was really blew my mind when I did this research to realize that she and I were in the same place at the same time. I would've never met her, because I was just a little fly on the wall, but she would've probably met the head of my cell and brought to us ammunition and money and whatever she had to bring.

And I knew that he was married and had two little children, I thought he'd be doing a great time to meet them. So we agreed to meet. And it so happened that at that particular time, in those days, there was a French ship that used to come to New Orleans around Christmastime. It was a school ship, and it would be here for Christmas and during the duration of the holidays.

And Christoph referenced Colette Marin-Catherine, who was a friend of the museums and meets with our groups in Normandy, including our school groups, our students. There was a question here in the center aisle in the green jacket.

Who is Julia Dahlman? The Chief Commissaris, i.e. Van der Valk's boss. Four years ago she sustained injuries which continue to hamper her physically. Dahlman is "a velvet fist in an iron glove, a politician and sincere supporter of the team".

All four suspects are on pins and needles at Unforgotten's halfway point after last week's news broadcast. But so is the department: Cassie Stuart's boss, Superintendant Andrews (Colin R. Campbell), wants to know why these stones can't be left unturned since there's already a convenient dead guy to pin it all on. But you know, if the department wanted that, perhaps HR should have just allowed her to retire. The entire team doubles down on their respective angles, with Stuart and Khan on their way to hit up Liz Baildon and Fiona Grayson.

Grayson is completely freaked out, up in the morning crying, trying to pull her deposit on the new flat by mid-day. Baildon merely looks ill when the phone rings, even more so when she learns it's her boss giving her the heads up she's landed the Chief Constable role.

But the suspects are stirred, and when Liz leaves the office, Fiona is outside the city station by the bike rack waiting for her. She tells Fiona to meet her the next day, with clear instructions on how to hide her trail. Meanwhile, Ram's already hit a payphone outside the office, calling someone and insisting they meet. Perhaps they might have been less worried, as Cassie and Sunny are starting to wonder if this is worth it. Cassie believes she's onto something, but Khan is wary she's letting her agenda get the better of her. Besides, he's moved in with Sal, and she's got Adam on her father trying to find out why he's changed his will. (It is, unsurprisingly, not Jenny's doing.) They've got other things to worry about. 041b061a72


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