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Where To Buy Heated Eyelash Curler

This week on Tiktok beauty trends that make me slightly nervous: heated eyelash curlers. The little battery-powered tools use Japanese tech (they're popular at Japanese drugstores) but have recently become mainstream in the US, being sold everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Staples. The gist of it is that, much like when using a curling iron on your hair, the addition of heat transforms pin-straight lashes into C-shaped ones and helps that curl last. But as a pin-straight lash-haver myself, let me offer an equally effective yet less terrifying solution. All you need is a traditional clamp-style curler and a blowdryer.

where to buy heated eyelash curler

A good method is to start with curling the lashes using an eyelash curler with a flat curvature. Aside from being a good fit for your Asian eyes, this will also grab all your lashes and give them a nice lift and curl.

THE REVIEW: "I have extremely straight hair, and consequently extremely straight eyelashes. Like, they-basically-point-downward, look-half-their-length, a-little-bit-obstruct my-vision STRAIGHT," writes one reviewer, adding, "this is the best curler I've ever owned, and I've had PLENTY."

THE REVIEW: "I am a Filipino woman with short, sparse, and straight eyelashes," writes one reviewer, adding, "this is the precision I have been looking for to curl the inner and outer lashes, which always get missed with a regular curler!"

THE REVIEW: "This is the best eyelash curler I have used," writes one reviewer who was sick of eyelash curlers pinching their lids."It gives you a natural looking curl, and I will never go back to the drugstore option!"

The coolest part of this little tool is that it clamps and fuses your natural eyelashes with your falsies or magnetic lashes, leaving you with a super-seamless look. And unlike those awkward curlers that make it hard to reach tight spots, this one is designed to actually curl every one of your lashes. Consider this a staple for your most dramatic lash looks.

Today, I'm going to be testing out a heated eyelash curler. You can think of it as, like, a hot hair tool, just for your face. So, um, I really did that one to myself. So if this goes wrong, it's on me. I'm gonna be evaluating Blinc's heated eyelash curler on how easy it is to use, how well it actually curls my lashes, and how long that curl lasts throughout the whole day. Whoa! Weird! This is a totally different shape than I am used to seeing in a lash curler. I guess, intuitively, it looks like it makes sense.

Let's see what it says about how to use it, because I don't wanna just, like, turn on a hot thing and just put it near my eyeballs without any directions. I totally do not recommend doing that. "Wait 30 seconds for the red indicator light to turn yellow." So, I guess you just, like... little switch. It says to curl your middle lashes first and then do your side lashes. And you're supposed to hold the curler at the middle of your lashes for five seconds, and then move them to the tips of your lashes and hold it there for five seconds, and just repeat that motion, back and forth, until they're as curled as you want them. I have decided that I'm gonna test the heated lash curler out on my right eye first, because apparently that's the eye that I care the least about. So, it's yellow. I think that means it's ready. All right!

OK, I'm done. These are my lashes. I think when I was using it I could see some lifting happening, but it was almost like it just pushed the hairs up, and they all just kind of went, "aah," after, like, five or 10 seconds. So it's not really lasting. Before these lashes deflate any further, I'm gonna try to seal in this little bit of curl with my go-to mascara. OK, so I use this mascara every day, and I know that my lashes do not lift or curl at all with any mascara formula, no matter how waterproof it is or how much of a "curling" formula it is. Well, after the most unforeseen plot twist, I am proud to report that I do have some curled lashes on this side. So, undeniably, sealing in that heated lash curler with mascara, I mean, there is some curl and lift action going on. I'm shocked. I don't really know where this came from. I thought a really good way to visually demonstrate how this curl compares to what I'm used to was to put it to the test against this. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which is known as the gold standard, best-on-the-market lash curler that you could get. It's just how it should work. So, these are my lashes curled and mascaraed.

I love voluminous eyelashes, but I loathe that inevitable pinch that comes with using an eyelash curler. Honestly, I'm just not the most skilled at curling, but I have used so many top-rated eyelash curlers and they just don't work for me. Or they do work and they're uncomfortable for me to use. Thankfully, I found a heated eyelash curler in 2021, which I've been faithfully using ever since.

I know what you're thinking. Who wants heat anywhere near their eyeballs? I totally get that trepidation. However, I've never had an issue with it. It's a really gentle curler that doesn't burn at all. This is a highly effective gadget that delivers a curl that lasts all day.

A shopper gushed, "I've owned a lot of eyelash curlers. I feel like I can throw all those away now, because of this one tool. This is the best eyelash curler ever. Makes my eyelashes look like a million bucks! At first, I was scared I was going to burn off my eyelashes (because the thought of heat anywhere near my eyeball scared the crap out of me), but after using it the first time I was hooked. The heat is minimal and it's just enough to put a shape to my lashes. Best tool ever."

Another declared, "Works perfect! This heated curler is a game changer to curl long lashes. Just put on mascara and let it dry before use. I find it works best when I hold the curl position for around 45 seconds."

Someone reviewed, "Best heated curler ever! Safe, heats quickly and evenly, has never harmed my lashes or burned, gives excellent results and has lasted longer than any other I've tried. I've used it bare but prefer to use it between base and second coat, slowly swiping it up once from line to tip. Love it and buying another in case it ever stops working."

"It Truly Works! I have the shortest straightest eyelashes known to man, so I've run the gamut on eyelash curlers. Decided to try one more thing. I was VERY skeptical as nothing has worked for me before. I simply cannot believe this WORKS! It really, really works. I can see the difference even before I put on mascara. It really opens up the eye" a shopper reviewed.

This one was the most comfortable for me to use and the highest heat setting did not burn me at all. I push up my eyelashes from the base using the curler and have it pushed against my eyelid for the most sky high lift effect possible. I do this for a few minutes and my lashes have a noticeable curl.

OK, not an actual, full-sized curling iron. But the latest beauty tech innovation buzzing around the internet is the heated lash curler. While the classic eyelash curler has been around since the 1930s, the heated lash curler has only recently started making the rounds on platforms like TikTok, where #heatedeyelashcurler(Opens in a new tab) has garnered 18.7 million views.

There are tons of different versions of the heated lash curler on the market, but we tested out the Lash Star,(Opens in a new tab) which hosts four different heat settings between 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It's small, rechargeable, and pretty simple to figure out. But does it actually curl your lashes better than a traditional curler?

In this episode of Beauty, Hacked, we get to the bottom of it, and show you side by side comparisons of heated, traditional, mascara, and no mascara combinations, all while explaining exactly why heat has been used to shape our hair molecules for ages. Tune in to see which curler works best on Jennimai's very straight, curl-averse Asian lashes, and whether touching 90 degrees of heat to your eyelid actually burns!

For a while now, I've been curious about heated lash curlers, but I never had the guts to buy one, for fear I would end up on one of those "beauty tutorials gone wrong!" Youtube compilations of people over-bleaching their hair or burning their eyelashes off. That's just the kind of luck I have! But when the ModelCo team generously gifted me both their TURBO LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler ($35, and their LASHXTEND Lengthening Tubular Mascara ($22,, I knew it was finally time to give one a try.

Not great! When I turn my head to the side, I can see my lashes, but at this head-on angle they're totally invisible. Admittedly, when I first picked up the LASHXTEND Mascara, I didn't have great expectations. For some reason, the simple pink tube didn't look as promising as the thicker, weightier mascara tubes I was used to, and so I doubted the formula almost right away. After one application, though, I stood totally corrected: I definitely still needed a curl, but my lashes were instantly darkened, lengthened, and slightly lifted as well. The formula didn't feel too wet, either, and dries completely, which I assume is so that the heated curler wont smudge it around. Because it's quite thick, this mascara runs the risk of getting a little clumpy, I admit, but it's that tubing technology (when the product basically creates a tube around your eyelash hairs, enhancing them) that allows the perfect starting point from which to then go in with the heated lash curler.

I know that, for those of you whose lashes will hold a curl without heat, these results might not be as thrilling, but for me they were quite eye-opening. Literally. I'm really excited to have finally found a product that works, but also semi-mad at myself for waiting so long to give a heated lash curler a go. I'm also ashamed to have doubted the mascara's formula, because now I can't get ready without it. While I still wouldn't recommend any old hot tool for such a sensitive area, I now have complete faith in the ModelCo one, and have already started recommending it to friends who are equally lacking in the curl department. If you're also one of these people, I highly suggest heading over to the ModelCo site and adding their TURBOLASH WAND to your cart, like, right this second. 041b061a72


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