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Need For Speed Underground 2 (v1.2) Without Human Verification

144. those who decry the presence of people, the presence of a human body on the planet, are made to look ridiculous by the ecological, technological and demographic events we are seeing and which are known only by a few of us. this is why the human body can no longer be ignored, given that the birth rate in china is now increasing, that the population of india continues to rise, that the estimated rate of births in iran and afghanistan exceeds the rate in south africa and the soviet union, and that the populations of many central and south american countries are growing. there is a strong tendency in the uk to accept the need for more housing, partly because of the pressure from the city, and partly because of people who are no longer able to live in the countryside and who do not see the countryside as something which should be kept open to them. where there are too many houses, not only are there shortages of space and resources, but these become a source of conflict and of social problems.

Need For Speed Underground 2 (v1.2) Without Human Verification

145. yet the development of communities involves important aspects that have nothing to do with the mere population of a territory: it is not enough to speak of quality of life, of well-being and of need for healthcare. here, as elsewhere, sustainability concerns what people can still achieve, what resources they can still use and what wealth and leisure time they can still enjoy. we should not stop to think about those who are not a part of social life, the over 600 million people who are, as it were, imprisoned in their own homes. let us no longer claim that the new generations will have something better and that their number will increase so that they can continue the process of consumption and contamination. let us not neglect the one-third of humanity that is without work and other means of survival.


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