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Cruise ShipThe Apprentice (UK) : Season 16 Epis...

Even though the reason for the canceled sailings is not confirmed, Virgin Voyages has worked with TV networks in the past. Recently, sister ship Scarlet Lady was featured in the BBC show, The Apprentice. In the first episode of season 16, contestants were onboard the vessel while docked in Portsmouth to develop their own cruise line design.

Cruise ShipThe Apprentice (UK) : Season 16 Epis...

The boardroom is well and truly back in business. The first task saw the sixteen candidates marketing a new cruise liner, and it led to the first ambitious entrepreneur of the season being sent home for being disruptive during the task.

Zack and Cody Martin (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) are identical twins living in the luxury passenger cruise liner, The S.S. Tipton. The Martin twins attend classes at Seven Seas High, which is a S.S. Tipton school program. Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) is typically the non-studious, outgoing, and immature twin. He works in the juice bar on the ship as a result of using up both Cody's and his money for the semester. Cody was forced to obtain the job as a towel boy. Zack does not perform particularly well academically, but he manages to perform well physically and enjoys physical sports especially basketball. Zack acts aggressive at times. Zack seems to care about his brother, but at times he does not show this. His brother, Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse), is the erudite, mature, intelligent, wise and sensitive twin. Cody performs well academically, he is a straight A+ student and has shown to have a great interest in academics. Cody does not perform well in sports. Cody has been noted to be several minutes younger than Zack and also often plays along with Zack's crazy schemes. In the beginning of the second episode in the first season, Zack and Cody were both fighting over the new Seven Seas High student, Bailey Pickett (Debby Ryan) since they both seemed to have a crush on her. But in the end, when they found out more about Bailey's life and her ex-boyfriend, Zack decides to lose interest in Bailey letting Cody have her. Cody attempts several times to attract Bailey, but is, thus far in the series, unsuccessful as Bailey seems oblivious to his advances. In "International Dateline," he gets really close, but finally succeeds in "Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana" by impressing Bailey by getting concert tickets, back stage passes, and after party tickets from Hannah Montana. Bailey considers this a date and plants a kiss on Cody's lips, thus starting their relationship. Zack usually picks on his little brother, but becomes very protective of him when someone else picks on him. 041b061a72


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