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Freaky Loops French House Songstarters Vol.3 WAV

Singomakers have dropped a wicked sample pack here! So many interesting drum, bass and instrument loops to work with! The vocoder loops are epic and will fire up all sorts of inspiration for producers of house, disco and nu disco. The pack has such a great mix of eclectic and modern samples, these will definitely make their way into our future productions!

Freaky Loops French House Songstarters Vol.3 WAV


This pack is filled with loads of great samples for producing tech house. Bleeps, bloops, bass and beats, what more could a budding producer want? This pack contains a load of hits, loops and ideas to help move your track along. Definitely worth checking out.

A great collection of classic house sounds including loads of cool one shot stabs and a range of loops. Whether you're looking for inspiration, or just want that classic tech house sound then look no further. A great sequel to the original Jackin House & Tech sample pack that's well worth checking out.

Singomakers have done it again, with a very cool pack filled with some great house sounds. There are plenty of drums, bass, effects, bleeps and bloops to help in your productions. Looking forward to messing around with these. Definitely worth checking out this pack.

Horns crew, are you ready? Whistle posse, are you ready? Well then slip on your white gloves and your fluffy boots, this sample pack is going to make you rush like an F1 driver! Hostage takes classic rave sounds and brings them up to date with a selection of loops and one shots that will bring the warehouse to just about any dance track. Now, where's my Vicks Vaporub?

Deadmau5 and his not so secret production partner Steve Duda have always made a great team, and with this sample pack they're giving you the chance to get involved in their studio antics. Geared towards progressive and electro house, this pack has plenty of useful loops and sounds that will slot right in to your tunes. Less time spent making loops, more time to work on that giant papier mâché mask!

Ministry of Sound's Cut Up Boys did an awesome job on their 'Mash Up Bass' compilations and they've outdone themselves with this sample pack. If you want to write main room bangers that will have ravers gurning their tits off all night long then this is the pack for you. Loads of great loops that will slip into any electro house track nicely.

This is, as it says on the tin, a great collection of soulful house vocals. Some of the loops and phrases are really usable and they definitely have applications in other areas. Pitch them down and make some trendy London style deep house, chop them up and make them into a loop for your new electro or dubstep tune or simply slip them into your soulful house track as is. Plenty of cool bits to be used as inspiration here.

If, like us, you got into dance music loving DJs like Sasha and John Digweed then you may have dreamed of one day writing some progressive house anthems. Well, dream no more, once you've got your teeth into this sample pack you'll find plenty of loops and hits to help you on your way. Filled with really great sounds and lots of stuff to get you inspired quickly, this is a really strong sample pack for anyone wanting to be the next prog house hero.


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